Quality gear for the
Camp Daniel Enthusiast

Over the last few years we have been learning how to make our own apparel in house. We value quality and creativity in all areas of Camp Daniel, and The Trading Post is no different. Recently we have turned a storage space on campus into a full screen printing shop! This allows us to make our own printed goods which will give us more creative flexibility. Most of the items found in The Trading Post have been created on campus by our missionary staff.

Unique pieces made with our campers in mind.

We place a high value on having good looking, quality pieces that represent and show value to the people we serve. All of the pieces from the print shop will be designed and made by our missionary staff, interns and residents with disabilities. Creating our apparel in-house will also allow Camp Daniel to become more self-sustainable.

A long term goal for The Trading Post is to offer meaningful employment opportunities to people with disabilities on the Camp Daniel grounds, the print shop being one of the first areas of employment! We look forward to seeing how The Trading Post will grow as Camp Daniel grows.

Camp Daniel is an organization dedicated to providing people with disabilities opportunities for personal, social and spiritual growth. Camp Daniel is rooted in its summer camping program that offers people with disabilities access to safe and fun Northwoods camping experiences, where the physical, social, and spiritual needs, that each person’s disability requires, are lovingly met.